Do you have enough traction with those who count?

How specific people see you and your ideas defines the limits of your success. Most people and businesses are invisible in this game, and their results show it.

In business and life we have to matter to the decision-makers who determine our success.

The challenge is that most attempts to cut through to those decision-makers fail. The average attention span is now less than eight seconds – because today’s world is so over-communicated that almost everyone slams their defences shut tight. On top of this, almost no one knows how to cut through meaningfully.

A common self-delusion is that if we say a lot then by the weight of quantity we will cut through. The truth is that it is not what we say, it is what other people hear. Those who cut through meaningfully understand that, and what to do about it.

So if recently you haven’t thought about who it is who is important or potentially important to you, and what you are doing to connect meaningfully, it is time to start. If not, you will continue to live in the shadows of those who do.