Are you a Bambi or a Tiger

The world is full of Bambis. They are hard to spot, because they are most people and they look normal. But Bambis are those who go with the flow, want big things but never do much to get them. They resign themselves to life’s flow, and hey it isn’t so bad – in cultures like ours they are most likely to still be very comfortable.

Tigers stand out. It’s in their eyes, it’s in their manner, it’s in their actions. Tigers are on purpose. They don’t succumb to life’s flow. They decide what they want, often something others would think is unreasonable, and they commit full-out to do whatever it takes to get there. And Tigers are the only ones who get much done.

We each decide who we will be. Bambi offers comfort, a sense of security even if that is often illusionary, but with a sense of underlying lack. Tiger offers discomfort, an often compulsive lifestyle, but a sense of being on a significant journey and the best hope of living a life of significance.

So if you haven’t decided yet, now would be a good time. Bambi or Tiger, who will you be from today? The answer will decide everything.