What difference would it make if…?

How often do you ask yourself the question “what difference would it make if…?” Because if you are not asking that much or at all, you may be stalled in getting what you want.

We all want to be successful, but too often most feel they are not getting there. Instead they are floating in a sea of ambiguity, not clear on what to do next or how to do it to shift from where they are to where they want to be.

Some might think they are unlucky. Others that life is somehow against them. Still others live in perpetual but fading hope that one day it will still happen.

Sure, they still do stuff loosely aimed at improving their future. But it is sporadic, when they have time, and inconsistent – one thing today, another tomorrow.

But a few seem to be going for it with clarity, vigour and persistence. They seem to know what they want, and they are working towards it in a simple consistent pattern.

What difference would it make you your success if you knew clearly what you wanted to achieve, how you could achieve it, and the most important things you had to do each day and week to achieve it? How much better off would you be in 12 months and in five years if doing these things was simple for you?

For most the answer is massive, or everything. It could be money, but as often as not it is something else. Perhaps major career promotion; taking one’s company to a high level of business success; publishing a successful book; or creating and running a social movement to achieve real change are just some of what you might decide to achieve.

And that’s the point, first making that decision about what change you want to achieve, then committing to do whatever it takes to make it happen even if at the time you don’t know how. Because deciding and committing are the essential steps to getting clarity. And once you have clarity of what you want to achieve and commitment to do it, all sorts of ways will become apparent to you.

So if you want to change your world, first reflect on what that change will be, and whether you can commit full bloodedly to that cause.

Once you do that, magic will happen.

So, how often do you ask yourself the question “what difference would it make if…?”