Get Out of that Box – Now

The only way to survive and thrive in business is to leap ahead. Change the rules. Create a breakthrough.

Continuous improvement is a good approach to running a business as long as:
• your business environment remains calm
• there are no shocks to the economy
• your market doesn’t change what it wants
• there are no technology shifts at the core of your service or product mix
• no major competitor changes the game in your market
• and you avoid many other disruptions to your flow.

Such conditions are rare, and only last an eyeblink when they do.

Continuous improvement is the way of the herd, and the herd gets slaughtered when great changes disrupt their business environment. This is frequent.

In Good to Great, Jim Collins’ first sentence summarised his main finding: “Good is the enemy of great.” He might have added that not only do good companies consistently fail to become great companies, if they continue to focus on just being good they are on the path to oblivion.

In our hearts we know what to do. What will it take to do it?